Balanced Approach for Academics and Play

At Leadership Academy, we believe that our parents should feel pride and comfortable in their decision to enrich their child’s education with us. This is why we have designed an after-school program with depth, structured not only to create a solid foundation of academic core learning, but that will also foster extra-curricular interests and skills as well. This balanced approach provides children with the all-encompassing advantage they will need to succeed in today’s competitive world.



Leadership Club

Mon-Fri 2:00pm-6:30pm

  • Pick up from school* (within 3 mile radius from our center)
  • Drop off at Center
  • Supervised care
  • Light snack
  • Students independently work on homework
  • Relaxing environment, games and activities to keep students engaged.
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Outdoor activities
  • Academic concepts covered per Common Core throughout the year
  • Language Arts – Writing, Reading, Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary
  • Math- Common Core concepts explained and practiced
  • Leadership Enrichment Classes – Debate, Confidence Building, Discovery, Chess, STEM



Leadership Enrichment Classes

Speech and Debate

Basic to advanced public speaking.
Students present a weekly speech in a gentle, non-threatening group and show improvement slowly but steadily, interested students are prepared for competitions.

Confidence Building

The workshops focus on teaching students how to deal with critical or challenging situations via acting or dancing.


Students review and research news related science, social studies and current affair issues. Develop their opinions based on facts they researched.


Small group sessions with an experienced coach to establish tournament ranking!


Experiment, project, video based STEM classes. Physics, biology, Scatch and python coding classes.


Scratch (Kinder-2nd Grade)

Python (3rd Grade and Up)

Leadership Extra Classes With Additional Payment


Please Note: Classes are offered by vendors. Fees are additional to aftercare fees and paid per quarter. Fees vary for each subject and are collected before the first class in September.

Academic Tutoring

Lego Robotics


Competitive Chess


Competitive Public Speaking

Foreign Language

Writing and Math

Competitive Math

Coding and programming