Do you cover academics?

Yes we practice reading, writing, public speaking and common core math on a regular basis. We also provide homework help.

What kind of snack is offered in the after school?

We have catered healthy hot snack, vegan and nut free.

Will my fees be prorated if I start in the middle of the month?

Yes, The administrator/director will inform you of your prorated fee at the time of admission.

Does LA hold a STEAM class every day?

Yes, we have science, technology, engineering, and math classes weekly throughout the school year.

My child is in kindergarten. Will she be able do the steam classes?

Yes, our curriculum starts at kindergarten.

When is LA closed?

Our programs run year-round, including spring break, summer break, midyear recess. We are closed during last week of December and all national holidays. We are open from 9 am to 6 pm during staff learning days and during other school breaks.

Do you offer any part-time programs?

No, our programs are designed for five days a week throughout the school year.